I wish I remembered…

As a child I traveled through Europe quite a bit, primarily because I spent first 15 years of my life living in western Europe. Most of my traveling adventures should be credited to my parents.

We lived in the “Downtown” core of the capital city, which meant hot summers, tall rise buildings, car fumes and no AC. So all my summers when I wasn’t in school, my parents would send me to my Grandparents cottage outside of the city. Those were most amazing summers, filled with laughter, swimming and never ending joy! Some of the summers my parents would send me to a kids camp to a different country.

Some of my other traveler’s adventures are credited to my Grandmother. She held a very high and prestigious occupation, which was pretty cool for a single mother to achieve especially in the Soviet Regime. Plus it came with a whole bunch of benefits, such as paid vacation to any soviet destination for two. Being single and all, she would take me with her. I have the most interesting memories attached to those trips.

And here it goes, as my memories of places and times are blurred into one I will list all these places I’ve been to in no particular order:

PLACE #4 – Gagra, Russia
I went there with my Grandmother. I was only 5, but I remember the place to be so exotic and unusual. Even the beach looked different instead of sand it was covers in small pebbles. While we were there huge storm hit the city, I remember the waves being so high yet everything was so beautiful. I saw a jellyfish there for the first time in my life.

PLACE#5 – Kiev, Ukrane
I went there with my Grandmother to visit our relatives. I was 12 and for the first time i was exposed to so much art. Our relatives had quite a cultured group of friends, their house was full of paintings, interesting musical instruments and other way cool stuff.

PLACE#6 – Sofia, Bulgaria
My parents arranged for me to join a “young traveler’s camp” which took a group of youngsters to Bulgaria for 1 month. We spent about 2 weeks living in a small village outside of the city and about a week by the sea shore. Our trip also included touring of the old Churches of the country. We visited remote and old Churches, whcij hwas fantastic and quite spiritual.

PLACE#7 – Dresden, Germany
This was also a trip arranged by my parents, I celebrated my 13th Birthday there. We visited the Dresden Art Museum, which holds a special place in my heart to this day.

PLACE#8 – Vilnius, Lithuania
I don’t remember much of the city because I stayed at the Ski Resort. I remember taking long trips to the forest and mountain range near by. It was majestic.

PLACE#9 – St. Petersburg, Russia
That’s probably on the most beautiful cities i visited in my childhood. only now after visiting Venice I see where St. Petersburg takes its inspiration. My grandmother has family in the city and my mother and I decided to visit them when I was about 14. I vividly remember thinking to myself how amazing it was to walk down the street where every building, everly lamp post, every bridge was like an art piece. Everything is this city is like a work of art, detailed, tailored and simply beautiful.

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