PLACE #15 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I loved my stay in Montreal because it reminded me of Europe. I drove to Montreal back in 2009 for just a few days, but it felt like I went to a whole new country.

The drive was very scenic – autumn coloured leafs and the endlessly blue sky surrounded our car all the way there and back.

The city itself was very tailored and Europe-like. I’ve gone through the business district, the entertainment district, and the “old” parts of city. One of the places we visited was the Olympic Stadium. I loved the architecture, which definitely stands out from most of other stadiums I’ve seen. Picture above features the infamous structure from a very interesting angle!

I also got a glimpse of the Botanical Garden located right beside the stadium and the Chinese Lanterns exhibition that it annually exhibits. My overall impressions of Montreal were quite colourful. If I was ever to go back I’d go in the fall again.


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