PLACE#17 – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

The ultimate Sin City – that’s all i gotta say for this post. After all things that happen in Vegas – stay in Vegas!

Above is a a photo I took at the Airport. Notice how gambling is encouraged in Las Vegas as soon as you land?! I wonder who came up with the concept of “Vegas”? I find it fascinating how much we as species like to indulge.

I went to Las Vegas for 1 week and guess what, by the end of my trip I didn’t feel like leaving. I wanted to stay and indulge some more. I’m not much of a gambler, in fact I don’t even know how to play poker at all. But that’s okay, because there are tons of things to do in Vegas, from free shows to extremely cheap drinks you can always find a thing or two that will entertain you.

Here is a couple of things that way interest you:
1. Almost every casino on the strip offers some sort of a free attraction at some point. (That’s done to attract more people to the casino, by the way!) For example, every hour or so, A volcano explodes by the Mirage, or a Pirate’s Ship goes down by the treasure island… and the list goes on and on, so make sure to check with your hotel what shows are available when and where.

2. It’s very easy to eat on a budget. Once again to attract people many casinos offer discounts and special offers. For example, Bill’s Gambling Hall offers a magnificent Rib eye Steak and eggs for only $4.59 from midnight to 5 a.m.!

3. Shopping! yes, shopping! I suggest trying Wynn, but make sure to be prepared, bring money, lots of money…

4. Great Canyon is just a step away! Take a full day and rent a car or better yet take a bus tour to the Great Canyon and make sure to visit the Skywalk suspended bridge . It’s an amazing experience!

5. How about a couple of shows, such as Cirque De Soleil or The Blue Man Group? There are a few Discount Tickets Booths on the Strip where you can buy tickets for same day show at a very reasonable price.


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