PLACE #18 – London, England

Shortly after I was done with University, I’ve decided to explore the World! It was the summer of 2009 and myself and 3 other like minded individuals have decided to explore “Grandma Europe”. We set out on our journey to see seven countries in Europe: England was stop number one.

Backpacking through Europe is almost like a rite of passage for those who are entering into their early adulthood lives. I wish I could say that for myself. I mean the concept was there, I just didn’t use a back pack . Instead I traveled through Europe with a bright orange 28″ upright suitcase. and let me tell you, ‘Suitcaseing’ through Europe is an experience on its own. (Check out my entries for Venice!)
As we traveled from city to city, I kept a diary of our daily evens and experiences. And at the end of each City i would write down several descriptive word that define that particular place.

LONDON IS: Rainy, Busy/Lively, “Branded”, timeless/clean cut, Slippery Nipple (name of a fancy cocktail)

While in London, we’ve visited famous landmarks and touristy attractions, such as Tower of London, The London Bridge, Wesminster Abbey, Stone Henge, the London Eye, Shakespeare Globe Theatre…and many more.

I really enjoyed my short yet colourful stay in London. I would definitely consider coming back. But next time I want to stay longer!

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