PLACE #20 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This picture was taken from the tallest church in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was stop number 3 in our quest to conquer Europe. What a marvelous place! It’s quite different from the rest of Netherlands, at least that’s what all the locals say. The city is dominated by 20-something ” free spirits” with no possessions. Most of them randomly walk the streets from one bar to another. We stayed at the hostel which was located in the upper level of the Bar. And the only entrance to the hostel was through the Bar’s main entrance…That was fun.

Streets in Amsterdam are very small and narrow, there are practically no cars. Everyone bikes and a small number of people have motorcycles. While in Amsterdam I’ve visited Anne Frank Museum. Which was one of the most hunting experiences of the trip because I got be in the exact room where she lived and I saw her drawings on the wall.

We also climbed the tower of the Westerkerk (“west church”) which was completed in 1638 and is the tallest in Amsterdam (85 meters). We climbed all the way to the top and on our way up I was able to take this am
azing photo of the oldest bells in Amsterdam.

I also visited the sex museum, but I will not post any photos from there so don’t even ask. But I do have tons of photos from there! We also walked through the Red District, which as definitely different. I did not get any photos from there – it’s illegal to take photos pf employees of Red District. I also learned that all employees of Red District are recognized employees who pay taxes and have same legal rights as any other employee in Netherlands. Also as I was told many of the Red District beauties attend some sort of prestigious University and use this kind of “part-time” job to pay their tuition… interesting.

One lazy afternoon, while I was enjoying company of my friend in the bar below our hostel, I overheard a song playing on a radio. That song stuck with me for the whole trip. I later learned it was by Anouk, whom I enjoy listening to this day!

AMSTERDAM IS: Naughty/Sexy, Young, Artistic, Free, Dangerous, Sinful, Cat City

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