PLACE #21 – Venice, Italy

Venice was my favorite city from Eurotrip! I love the fact that it was so hot. I loved that it was so Venetian. It turned out to be exactly as I imagined it to be! I loved that the streets were to narrow and old. I loved that they had gelato stands on every corner! I loved how colourful and vibrant the city was. I loved the fact that you could get lost so easily. And I loved the fact that you can walk through the whole city in just 20 minutes.

Saint Mark’s Basilica is the highlight of my stay in Venice. It was probably the most peaceful 27 minutes of the whole trip. The inside of the Cathedral was decorated with intricate mosaic and the outside was just a work of art! There’s a balcony on the second floor of the cathedral that overlooks Piazza San Marco. The square was full of tourists, like always is. but as I sat on the balcony a warm breeze surrounded me, everything became quite and peaceful. suddenly no one was rushing anywhere. I looked over the balcony and noticed one pigeon sitting on the ledge. It looked like he was too taking break form busy streets and was able to find some peace on the balcony of the Saint Marks Basilica.

The Murano Glass is absolutely beautiful. I bought myself a Murano glass ring for only €2. I wear it to this day!

Another thing I loved about Venice was how “artistic” it was. Every building, every corner had some sort of artistic influence, which reminded me of art masterpieces I learned about in school. For example, photo below features a building with staircase designed by no other than Da Vinci himself!

Venice is an old city and it shows: Crumbling buildings, chipping paint, cracking sidewalks, yet it;s so beautiful. This city reminded me of a Grandmother – warm, old and wrinkled.

VENICE IS: Hot, Sticky, Touristy, Dog City, Old, Crumbling, Poetic.

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