PLACE #22 – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was stop number 5 in my Eurotrip of 2009. This was my send visit to Prague. I’ve been in the city for one day when I was about 12. It was stop over on my way to Bulgaria. Prague reminded me of St.Petersburg or even Moscow. I think that Prague is a middle ground between Europe and ‘Soviet’. It’s evident in it’s architecture, people, even the language.

One of the famous landmarks in Prague is depicted in the photo above Astronomical Clock.
As the legend has it, the clock was build by an engineering genius back in 1410.

During our stay ion Prague we took a free walking tour. This is actually a really cool thing to do if you ever go to Europe. And it’s a very well known concept, we actually took the same walking tour in Amsterdam. The way it works is that a guide gets paid by all participants of the tour tipping him/her at the end of the tour. So it’s in their best interest to “guide you well”. You don’t pay for the tour, but at the end you tip your guide accordingly.

The city itself is very colourful, especially the buildings. Every building was painted in some fort of a bright pastel colour from bright yellow to purple and lime green. It looked so cute, as if all houses were toy houses.
PRAGUE IS: Historic, Spooky, semi-russian, communist-like

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