PLACE #23 – Paris, France

Paris! Paris was probably one of the most disappointing experiences of the trip. Growing up I’ve heard glamorous stories of the “city of love” and the” fashion capital of the world”. I had pained this glamorous and extravagant picture of Paris in my mind that when i actually arrived there and witnessed not what I’ve imagined I felt sad.
To be fair, the city was very lovely, busy, and “so french” – but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.
Palais Garnier – famous opera house, which inspired novel The Phantom Of The Opera is an architectural marvel. The ceiling is painted by March Chagall. The interior is so intricate and detailed it feels that you are in a magical paradise.

The Louvre was a must see for me. This place for me embodies all the beautiful and priceless things in life. Seeing all those artwork pieces that i know all too well was an experience like on other. Check out some of the art pieces that caught my eye at the Louvre. Or have a look at why I love going to museums at “Art Museums Inspire Me”.

Paris is very well planned and executed city. The city’s grid is precise and clean, architecture is superb. I enjoyed just walking down the streets gazing at buildings.

Our stay lasted 5 days and our accommodations were quite unique. Few cities in Europe have offerings of very short stay apartment rentals. That’s what we did. We rented actual apartment for only 5 days. And boy let me tell you – it was very small. The whole apartment was no bigger than my living room alone. It was nicely decorated and had all the things you’d need, yet everything was very compact. Which makes you think do we really need that much space!

I would love to go back and experience more. My cousin actually lives in Paris, maybe I’ll come for a long visit.

PARIS IS: Parisian/French, lined, crisp, straight,

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