PLACE #25 – Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Pittsburgh was the city I visited last weekend! It was my first time in the city but my second in Pennsylvania. I visited Philadelphia earlier this year, check out my post here.

I have to come clean and tell you all how is it possible for me travel so frequently… I’ve discovered a cheap and efficient way of traveling. I’ve discovered Megabus! Megabus is sort of like Grayhound but it’s a new company and as part of their promotional package they offer discounted tickets for new routes for ONLY $1.

Yes, a two way ticket to Pittsburgh cost me $2. It was actually cheaper than taking TTC to the bus stop($3 one way). I personally think it is a great way to get a little sneak peek of a city you’ve never been to before. Or it could be a city that you may not have gone to other wise.

Another great aspect of paying only a few bucks for bus tickets if the fact that you can easily afford a really nice hotel, especially if it’s only for a few nights.

As a frequent bus traveler I’ve learned a few tips. Here are my tips for quick and efficient trip:

1. Buy more tickets. If you are able to buy $1 tickets, buy two seats per person. That way you have more space to stretch your legs. I know it might be a bit selfish on your part, because the number of discounted tickets is limited and sold on first come first serve basis, but it really makes a difference if you are traveling overnight.

2. Travel overnight. Most of the bus trips I took didn’t exceed 8 hours and all of the mere through the night. I personally think it’s the best way to travel efficiently. You sleep at night anyway, might as well sleep on the bus and wake up in a new city!

3. Come prepared. If you plan to sleep on the bus make sure to bring: inflatable pillow, eye mask for sleeping, year plugs, and a blanket. Bring some water, hand sanitizer and anything else any other traveler may need.

4. Try to plan your trip over a long weekend. Leave on Friday night and arrive to your destination on Saturday morning, which gives you a full day of sight seeing. And leave on Sunday night to arrive home on Monday morning, which gives you a full day at home to unpack, unwind and update your travel blog!

5. Stay realistic. This is a very short trip to a new city, don’t overbook yourself. Pick three to four places you want to visit and plan it all out before you arrive. A good way to get a quick glance at any place you’ve never been to before is to book a sight seeing tour.

That’s why when I went to Pittsburgh I only saw a few places. I think that Pittsburgh is the city of yellow bridges! The city is located at the edge where two mighty rivers meet (see picture above). It’s full of history and yellow bridges…

There is a museum dedicated to Warhol. It was one of the places I visited. The museum was amazing as it provided a glimpse into his interesting life. One of the bridges was named ” The Warhol Bridge” (above).

One of Pittsburgh attractions is the The Duquesne Incline. Originally designed to
accommodate mine workers inclines were built over a century ago. I didn’t include picture of an incline, but included a picture far more interesting.

Picture above features a Primaniti Brothers Sandwich. This sandwich was created to workers who didn’t have time to sit down and eat and it features: chicken, fries and coleslaw in between two pieces of white bread…. Pretty neat concept, but way too much food.

Overall the trip was a success. I may come back again…if i do I’ll write some more!

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