PLACE #27 – Bratislava, Slovakia

“It’s a good thing you came in the summer, it gets quite depressing in the winter time…” – quote from Eurotrip. That’s how I imagined Bratislava, I actually didn’t want to come here, even though the plan was to stay here for just 1 day as a stop-over0city on our way to Budapest. But I was wrong about everything. It’s quite pretty and charming and very inexpensive. We rented an apartment right in the city beside main Square for only 50 Euros! The city itself is small and reminded me of Prague, well it used to be the same county at some point.

There are not many things to see or do there except for walking through the old city (takes about 20 minutes), sip coffee or inexpensive alcohol beverages at a cafe, or you could walk up to the Bratislava castle. That’s pretty much all I did!

Bratislava Castle is the main attraction. It’s located on top of the hill and provides quite a pretty view of the city down below. They also say that when atop the maintain one can see Austria, Slovakia and Scheck republic. That’s actually correct!

My stay in Bratislava was very brief and I can’t comment on much more. I don’t think I’ll go back, but who knows.

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