PLACE #38 – Las Vegas, NV, United States

Although this is not my first visit to Las Vegas and technically this trip shouldn’t count as a new destination, I felt that I should make a separate entry this time for a variety of reasons.
First of all, this was my third visit to the Sin City. First two times I enjoyed my stay in Vegas with my significant other and it was a mini vacation just for the who of us. We visited Grand Canyon, saw many shows (Cirque du Soleil , Blue Man group, Jubilee, Magic Show and many more) and of course we gambled a bit.  Overall it was a great mini vacation for two.
But this time things were very different. A really close friend of mine is getting married in the Fall and she decided to celebrate her Bachelorette party in Las Vegas. So 10 girls (including myself and the bride-to-be) packed their suitcases and we were on our way.
And let me tell you, it’s a lot more fun to be a ‘girl in Vegas’ than it is to be a ‘girl with her boyfriend in Vegas’. All ten of us were ambushed on every corner by club promoters who would “get us into the hottest club in town” at no charge and with open bar as long as we all show up. And as a result I don’t think I paid for anything while I was in Vegas this time. We partied every day, enjoyed hottest pools in Vegas, went to multiple clubs each night and didn’t have to pay for most of it. There are definitely many perks to being a girl in Las Vegas and a lot of freebees is one the nicest.
All ten girls whom I traveled with also loved their stay in Las Vegas and we all had a blast. I would definitely want to come back to Las Vegas with a whole bunch of my girlfriends.
Another thing that distinguished this Las Vegas trip is the RAIN. Yes, it rained in Las Vegas while I was there this time. Turns out it was a “Monsoon” season in Vegas. But I use the term “Monsoon” very loosely because the amount of rain water fallen from the sky was laughable. I only felt 3-4 drops on my skin… but it still rained and that counts!
Although I’m not  a big gambler, I decided to play some Black Jact tables by myself (sans my significant other who usually tells me when to bid or not). Unfortunately for me, I lost over $200, but that’s okay because I enjoyed the company and the experience and that’s the thing that counts the most. Plus I have a totally full-proof system of getting my money back. LOL

Once again, Las Vegas did not disappoint. I look forward to many more trips in the future.

2 thoughts on “PLACE #38 – Las Vegas, NV, United States

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