PLACE # 44 – Kincardine, ON, Canada

I’ve been to Kincardine, Ontario 4 times already and I can’t believe I haven’t added this beautiful place to my travel blog until now!

This gem located on the shores of lake Huron was introduced to me by my parents-in-law a few years ago when I was invited to join their annual cottage retreat. Ever since then, every summer I take a few days off work to make time for our annual summer “fam jam”.

Many people reside in Kincardine all year, but some just come here during the summer to enjoy their cottage.  My parents-in-law have been renting the same cottage for the last 8 years. And I can totally understand why – this tiny house is located right on the beach. The view from the cottage is simply spectacular.

Blue endless sky meets the surface of the lake somewhere in the distance, birds singing, waves crushing, warm sun on your skin – what an oasis!

Kincardine is a small town with marina, sandy beaches and old Victorian style houses. Located on Lake Huron in Bruce County this charming town has been highly influenced by Scottish culture. Every Saturday during the summer, the whole town gathers in the main square to enjoy lovely Scottish Bag Piper band and to watch the Parade where most participants wear Highland dresses.

Scottish influence is also seen in the local folklore. One of the urban legends describes Phantom Piper who played his bag pipe to guide ships to the shore safely during one foggy night hundreds of years ago.  It seems that everyone in Kincardine is very proud of their Scottish heritage.

Kincardine people are very friendly and polite. During the summer main square of Kincardine turns into a large flea market where many local antique shops display their merchandise along sides with Mennonite and local farmers who sell their produce from nearby Canadian farms.

Everything in Kincardine, in my opinion, is super adorable and very charming, from the two lane main street to the tacky cottage decor, which I’ve grown to love over the last few years.

This small and cozy town seems to be a perfect getaway from the busy city life and it’s just a few hours away from Toronto.  It almost feels like an extended SPA visit, I aways come back very relaxed, peaceful and rested.

I am truly happy to be invited to come along and enjoy a few sunny days on the shores of lake Huron with my hubby and his family. It’s always a great mini vacation and I’m sure I’ll be back again next year.

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