PLACE #47 – Banff, AL, Canada

Banff is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, and it makes me especially proud that that this scenic place is in Canada.  I was really excited for my trip because I only heard the most amazing things about Banff, and they all turned out to be true.
It’s very hard for to me to describe how magnificent this place truly is with words. I also feel that the pictures don’t do its’ justice.  To truly experience Banff one must visit this place and only then you can realize the magnitude of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
The town of Banff is actually a small resort town, very similar to The Blue Mountains resort in Ontario, but much much bigger. Banff National Park is quite large and is filled with walking trails, hiking paths, ski slopes, lakes, and a ton of wild life. While in Banff we saw bears, mountain goats, chipmunks, and deers – that’s a lot of wild life in only one day.
 Banff 2015 by Sveta Fedarava 8
I was in Banff for 2 days as part of my Thanksgiving weekend in Alberta (see Calgary post here) with my travel companions – my Fiancé, 2 of our best friends, one lucky newlywed couple and my (future) sister-in-law.  On our first day in Banff we woke up early and started our scenic hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse. It’s a 5.5 km hike from Chateau Lake Louise all the way up the hill almost all the way to the mountain top that wraps around beautiful lake Louise and end at the majestic melting glacier at the end of the route. When we reached the teahouse we were at the elevation of 2,100 meters.
Banff 2015 by Sveta Fedarava 22
Banff 2015 by Sveta Fedarava 23
To be honest the hike was not as bad as I thought it would be. The fact that you are surrounded by beauty is definitely very helpful when you are walking a narrow and slippery pathway along the mountain. It was also very interesting for me to notice how the temperature dropped as the elevation went up. At the base of the mountain, beside the lake it felt warm and sunny,  but when we reached the glacier it felt as if the temperatures dropped to negative numbers and flurries filled up the sky instead of the sun rays.

On our way back, the hike seemed a lot easier. Walking down the slopes has it’s challenges, but overall it was easier to come down. After this epic hike, we all had dinner at a local bar which was a nice way to finish our day. We also took advantage of our hotel’s amnenitties and took a relaxing dip in a hot tub.
Banff 2015 by Sveta Fedarava 10
Banff 2015 by Sveta Fedarava 9
The second day we went onto the Banff Gondola ride. It’s a functioning escalator which takes you to the top of the Sulphur Mountain where you can see Canadian Rockies as far as the eye can see. What a spectacular view! If there is only one place you can visit in Banff, it would have to be Gondola – it’s such a great experience!
I would love to come back again. Being surrounded by the mountains and nature has completely rejuvenated me. I felt so inspired and alive.
Banff 2015 by Sveta Fedarava 28

One thought on “PLACE #47 – Banff, AL, Canada

  1. It still amazes me that this beauty is in my backyard. Can’t wait for the snowboard season to come into full swing so I can take advantage of the mountains. I’m still awed by the beauty every time I get out to Banff – the novelty definitely has not worn off.

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