Place #49 – Blue Mountains, ON, Canada

Just like Kincardine, Blue Mountains is one of the places that I frequently visit but never mentioned on my blog until now.

Blue Mountains Resort in Collingwood is located north of Toronto, just a few hours away and it’s a lovely cottage county where people can ski in the winter and go to the beach in the summer. I visit Blue Mountains almost every winter and although most people travel to the resort to enjoy snowy slopes and ski or snowboard, I often simply enjoy the outdoors and marrow county side night outside of the city.

Blue Mountains by Sveta Fedarava 8

Traveling to the Blue Mountains became a tradition among my group of close friends. It started about 9 years ago when we decided to explore Ontario’s cottage county and we’ve been coming back every winter ever since. We usually rent out a cottage in Collingwood for a weekend, which gives us an opportunity to catch up with each other in touch, spend some time outside of the city, ski and snowboard.

The actual Blue Mountain Village is a great place to relax and just walk around. We usually skate on the frozen lake, some snowboard or ski and others sip hot chocolate by the fire.

These weekends are full of fun times with great friends and quality outdoor time. I really am happy that I have such great group of friends to share these winter weekends with.

Blue Mountains by Sveta Fedarava 6Blue Mountains by Sveta Fedarava 3Blue Mountains by Sveta Fedarava 2Blue Mountains by Sveta Fedarava 1

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