PLACE #53 – Vancouver, BC

My hubby and I were only passing through Vancouver on our way to Whistler, but it was my birthday and the city was so beautiful I just had to make a special note on my blog. It was a birthday to remember.

We arrived late on Thursday night and had to leave on Friday evening for Whistler. To make things easier for ourselves we decided to stay at the hotel located directly in the Vancouver airport. Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel was very luxurious and it didn’t feel like we were at the airport at all. We had a spectacular view of the airport and the Canadian Rockies from our room windows and watching planes land and take of every minute was actually very interesting.


On Friday morning we got our rental car and drove through the city of Vancouver. The weather was very nice and sunny, so we made plenty of stops to take in the local culture, the city vibe and to soak up some sun.

As we drove through the city we stoped at the Granville street which reminded me of the Queen West in Toronto.  There were plenty of concert venue, art galleries, local restaurants and as I’ve discovered – trolleybuses. 🙂

Our next stop included the Coal Harbour where we saw the Olympic Cauldron, Digital Orca sculpture, and Canada Place convention centre. Vancouver harbour was one of the busiest I’ve ever seen. There were small jets landing in the water and taking off every minute – some were tourist tours and some were actual planes that would carry passengers to various spots around Vancouver. The nearby port had huge ships coming and going carrying loads of shipping containers. There were cruise ships, there were boats, there were sails – it was kind of crazy to see so much water activity in one place.


After the Vancouver harbour we drove through the Stanley Park, which was extremely relaxing. Tall old trees and lush vegetation made me think I was somewhere in the wilderness. It was hard to believe that just outside there was a busy harbour and a beautiful skyline of the Vancouver city.


Vancouver seemed like a very lush city, there were plenty of well aged trees all over downtown core, which you don’t see a lot of in Toronto unfortunately. Overall the city seemed green and full of tall glass condo towers. I’ve only been in Vancouver for about 12 hours at most, but I got a very positive and peaceful vibe. I’d love to come back to explore Vancouver more.

After the Stanley Park we embarked on our 2 hour drive to Whistler – what a spectacular drive that was! It reminded me of the West Coast trip we took a few years ago driving up from LA to San Francisco.




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