PLACE #54 – Whistler, BC

I accompanied by hubby on his business trip to Whistler in the summer of 2017.  We stayed at the Westin Resort located directly in the Whistler Village and I had plenty of time to explore Whistler nature on my own. The village itself resembled Blue Mountains village but it is at least 4 times as big. Whistler is one of the biggest Ski resorts in North America and it’s easy to see why – gorgeous mountains surrounded the village on all 4 sides, and it felt like you were in the Alps.


Exploring the village with its numerous art galleries, shops and restaurants took about a day – that’s how big the village is. Everything in the village seemed so cute and adorable. There were plenty of people in Whistler. Many people visit Whistler in the summer as it has plenty summer activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, dirt road biking, etc.

Check out more Whistler photos on my Flickr page.

I’ve visited a few waterfalls located near Whistler Village. Rainbow Waterfalls are just north of the village and are very pretty.  They are not very tall, but the hike to get to the falls is very scenic.



Brandywine Waterfalls stand tall at a 70 meter height. From the observation deck you can see the Brandywine Valley and never-ending mountains on the horizon including Black Tusk Mountain.



One of the main attraction of Whistler is the Peak-2-Peak gondola ride which breaks the Guinness world record for the longest and highest lift, connecting the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. The view from the top of both mountains was absolutely spectacular. The gondola ride was pretty awesome too, you could see endless mountains all around with lush thick forest on the bottom of the canyon. What a sight!


Alexander Falls are also not too far form the Whistler village and are very pretty with cascading water over 40-meter drop.


Another interesting Whistler attraction is the Train Wreck site. Decades ago a train derailed south of Whistler near what is now Function Junction.  Seven train cars were left scattered next to the Cheakamus River.  Time and local effort has transformed this mess into a wonderful work of art, an extraordinary bike park, and a great place to hike. The train cars are covered in beautiful graffiti and the scenic trail to the site follows beautiful Cheakamus River.


Check out more Whistler photos on my Flickr page.

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