PLACE #50 – Tobermory, ON, CANADA

In early September 2016, I travelled to Tobermory with my husband, 2 other lovely married couples and 2 more friends. We rented an awesome RV truck and embarked on our group adventure driving all the way from Toronto to Tobermory, taking ferry from the Manitoulin island and back home to Toronto.

This was a true RV experience filled with long drives, sleeping under the stars, hiking and camp fires. This was a drastic change for such city folks like us, but we loved every minute of it.

We slept in camping tents outside and in the RV. This was my second time sleeping in a tent – very interesting experience. This was definitely not my scene, but I’m glad I did it. It was nice to take a break from busy and hectic city life.

We took the Chi-Cheemaun ferry from the Manitoulin island to Tobermory. Tobermory Bruce Peninsula is considered to be a home to the Flowerpot Island, Bruce Peninsula National Park. This community is known as the world capital of fresh water scuba diving because of the numerous shipwrecks that lie in the surrounding waters.

We took the boat tour to the Flowerpot Island which also included the tour of the sunken ships – which was so beautiful. I did not expect to see the ships so close to the surface and the water was so crystal clear. What a sight!



Flowerpot Island turned out to be a fun and very active adventure. We hiked through the pebbled beaches and the mossy woods for 3 hours before our return back to the main land. We saw the famous Flowerpot rock formations, went up to see the ancient cave and even encountered some of the local island wildlife.

Overall we all had  great time we definitely want to do the whole RV experience again.

See more Tobermory photos on my Flikr page.




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